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National Strategy Code 52

Identification and Attraction of Sales Talents.

National call for the economic prosperity of our companies, this is a proven methodology in more than 11,000 companies, more than 35,000 people have received these skills and training. 

The call to action is now.

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A sales professional is a tireless promoter of the development and prosperity of companies, is oriented to the achievement of productive goals. One of his traits is the ability to resist frustration, and a prominent skill is determination.

In Code 52 what we promote is the achievement of the objectives of the people who dedicate their talent and time to the promotion of the tangible and intangible of the organizations.

Welcome to the national call for the economic prosperity of our companies, we identify and attract talent using the specific strategies of modern, growth, conscious and educational marketing.

The call to action is today, the benefit is for everyone.



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